Intempus Realty is the premier choice for home interior & exterior renovation, additions, and repair. We have in-house crews that are skilled in a full range of interior and exterior construction jobs and will work with you to complete your project quickly and with minimal disruption.


When you own investment property, any break in occupancy represents lost income. Whether your property needs minor updating, energy-efficient window replacements, new siding, or major repairs after flooding or storm damage, you need the work done quickly and well.

Intempus Realty is with you. We are experts at getting in, getting the work done, cleaning up after ourselves and getting the property back to you in top condition. If the property that needs work is occupied, we take care to communicate with the residents to make our presence in their home as painless as possible.


We enjoy working with homeowners who are making changes to their homes. Remodeled kitchens and bathrooms can bring new life to a home, while decks, patios and room additions give extra space for fun and relaxation.

If it is the outside of your home that needs a little sprucing up, imagine how great it will look with new windows and doors, new siding or a bright, clean coat of paint. We can also do insurance work if you have had the misfortune of damage to your home as a result of fire or bad weather.

Intempus Realty’s crews are experienced in standard construction as well as the newer green technologies. Whether you are adding on to your home or remodeling the space you have, we can talk to you about making energy efficiency and renewable materials part of the project.



Custom projects for homes or businesses

Kitchen and bath remodels

Master suites

Decks, porches and room additions

Roofing, siding, stucco, plaster and painting

Windows and doors

Floor coverings

Cabinets and counter-tops

Sheetrock and concrete work

Electrical and plumbing work

Green technology




Intempus Realty has the same goals that you have when you begin a remodeling project: Getting the work done well, quickly and at the lowest cost that doesn’t compromise quality.

Our in-house crews are experienced with all facets of interior and exterior renovations on both single-family and multifamily homes. Having our own crews lets us keep costs down by eliminating the delays that can result from coordinating with subcontractors. We control the pace of the work.

Renovating your existing property can be easier than you think! Give Intempus Realty a call and let us show you how our skill, experience and consideration for residents makes us the best choice to refresh and repair your property.

Intempus has proven results for setting exceptional standards in cost control, planning, scheduling and project safety. We have experience that gives us a competitive advantage over others in our field.

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