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Foggy Windows

Foggy Windows

How to Deal with Foggy Home Windows

Foggy windows is a potentially costly problem that can be prevented or easily solved. Often most home owners don’t understand what causes their windows to fog and the impact a little fog has in the long run. They are therefore not able to deal with the problem successfully as it occurs and end up having to deal with the cost of replacing windows.

Through regular maintenance and home improvement projects most issues in your home can be solved and prevented while others can be delayed. Fogging home windows is one of those issues that can be delayed.

Before we tackle how to deal with foggy windows, we need to understand what causes your home windows to fog:

  • Fog is really a condensation problem that occurs with changes in external and internal temperatures.
  • Exterior fog (fog that occurs on the outside of your home windows) is caused by when the temperature outside is hot and humid while the temperature inside your home is cool. This causes your windows to develop fog externally. It’s exactly what happens when drink cold water from a glass on a hot summer day, externally the glass develops fog due to the warm weather outside.
  • Interior fog (fog that occurs on the inside of our home windows) is the direct opposite, it is a result of hot and humid temperature within your house while the temperature outside is cool.
  • Window fog can also occur between the panes of insulating glass if the seal is damaged and lets moisture seep through. This is a problem commonly found in homes that are aged and have not been well maintained. This problem also typically occurs on the side of the house that receives the most sunlight. The heat from the sun may cause the window seal to go weak and develop cracks that let humid air to leak through.
  • Insulating glass, also known as double pane or thermos-pane glass, has to generally withstand a lot of weather related challenges, from storms and rain to extreme cold and heat. With time, fog will start develop between the panes of all insulating glass products. This happens as the seals break and enough moisture seeps through resulting in the formation of fog. Some windows are more resistant than others but this is due to a number of environmental factors, the design of your window and the type of glass used but eventually they all develop fog in the long run.

Now that we know what causes fog we are more able to now deal with the problem effectively. Here are ways that you can go about dealing with fog:

  • Since we have established that fog is really a condensation problem, temperature control is one of the solutions to the problem.
  • By keeping your external and internal temperature as equal as possible, you are able to create an environment that prohibits fog from forming. This can be done by opening your windows or doors during the day to let cool air in if the inside temperature is hot and humid or to let warm air in if the temperature within your house is very cool.
  • Most home owners do not know that window glass should be bought according to the climate of the area. Glass that insulates better creates a comfortable home environment. So before choosing which glass to install for your windows consider the regional climate, the amount of sun exposure, altitude, noise and size of the window. This information can then be communicated to the manufacturer or store assistant and they can give you expert advice on which glass will best suite your home.
  • Purchase your window glass from quality manufactured that are reputable and do test their products for moisture infiltration. Also find out the guarantee on the glass you choose, this often will give you an indication of how good the product is.
  • Another solution to your fogging problem is to get your windows triple glazed. This is quite a pricey procedure but it can help to significantly reduce the formation of fog on your home windows. You can also talk to your glass manufacturer about other solutions, such as window coats, you can apply to help you deal with your window fog problems.

This is how we at Intempus can help you deal with your home foggy window problems:

  • Intempus has a team of highly experienced staff that have been in the business of construction for both home interior and exterior projects for years. This means we have experts who are able to advise and help you choose the right windows best suited for your home needs and minimise problems such as foggy windows.
  • We work with a number of quality manufacturers (those whose products go through quality tests) which means we know exactly where to source the best solution for your home’s window needs according to each unique project. Whether it’s an air-conditioning system that needs to be installed to better control your home temperature to minimise fog from forming on your windows, sourcing the right glass suited for your region’s climate, repairs of your window sills and pane or complete replacements of your windows we have experts who will find the best solution for your home.
  • Our good relationship with our supplier also enables us to offer you the most affordable prices on home construction or improvement projects.

To effectively deal with window fogging boils down to choosing the right products, installed in the right way according to your home’s unique needs. Though fogging is not 100% avoidable it is still an issue that can be effectively managed and conveniently delayed by consulting with relevant experts like your glass window manufactures, to your chosen home construction partners.

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